information about the event

There will be a possibility for practice on Thursday evening (6.10.), but in a different sports hall than the tournament takes place. There are still free courts at the following times:


If you want to take advantage of it, please do a reservation via mail:

Please notice, that we will offer a stringing service at the venue.
As well as a buffet, where you can buy a warm meal (with meat or vegetarian), snacks, waffles, cakes, fruits, drinks (cold, warm) and more.
Furthermore there will be a physiotherapist present at the venue. The players can register for this service at the venue.

Hotel update

The official hotel “Phoenix 7” informed us, that they unfortunately had to increase the room rates, due to the current economic situation and rising prices. The new prices are:

Single room: € 69,- (incl. breakfast)
Double room: € 99,- (incl. breakfast)
Tripple room: € 130,- (incl. breakfast)