The entry list has been published…

… and is available at the following link:

For selecting the players/pairs the BEC European U17 Ranking from 04/09/2023 has been used.

Before the withdrawal deadline has passed, a promotion from the “Reserve List” to the Main draw is obligated and will be done automatically, unless the respective player/pair has withdrawn from the “Reserve List” beforehand.

Please use the online entry system to withdraw a player, if the withdrawal is before the withdrawal deadline!

After the withdrawal deadline has passed, the organisers must have such a promotion confirmed in writing by the Member/Members of the respective player/pair before it takes place. Only when this confirmation has been given, the player/pair is considered as an entry. The respective Member(s) need(s) to confirm the promotion within 48h after the message has been sent by the organisers or latest at the start of the Team Managers Meeting if it takes place less than 48h after the message has been sent. If no confirmation is given within this timeframe, it will be considered as the player/pair not accepting the promotion (reg. 12.4 of the Badminton Europe U17 circuit regulations).